7 Types Of Fermented Foods & How They Help With Internal Colon Cleansing

During ancient times instead of popping pills to get nutrients, people ate a variety of different types of foods and fermented them to make them easier to digest and increase the nutritional content. Healthy bacteria or probiotics are in fermented foods. All over the world people ate and still eat things that promote this balance of bacteria in your intestines. These bacteria are essential to your survival. They help you to absorb vitamins and nutrients from food, help the  bubody to detoxify, boost the immune system and help to keep bad bacteria or microorganisms at bay.

fermented foods for colon cleansing and helathy bacteria

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In the United States the only food we seem to think are beneficial to this healthy balance in the intestines is yogurt but there are many more, here are just a few:

Kombucha: a fermented tea beverage that is frequently drank in countries such as China and Russia. It helps with everything from acne to weight loss and everything in between. It is bubbly like a soda and comes in a variety of flavors (fruity and herbal) and can be found at your local health food store for anywhere for between $2.50-$5 a bottle.  GT’s, Synergy and High Country are the best quality brands of this wonderful elixir.

Kimchee: is a staple in Korean cuisine has a spicy, sour taste. There are hundreds of varieties and depending on the province can be made from veggies such cabbage, cucumbers, or radishes in addition to garlic and other seasonings.

Sauerkraut: is a popular food throughout Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe and is made with cabbage.

Pickles: Bubbies is a quality brand that ensures you get healthy bacteria.

Rejuvelac: this beverage was invented the architect of raw and living foods Ann Wigmore and is something I try to make every 1-2 weeks by the gallon. You simply use sprouted rye, wheatberries, barley, or quinoa to a gallon of water and allow to ferment on your countertop 2-3 days in a glass jar covered with cheesecloth then refrigerate and drink 2-3 cups daily.

Kefir: is traditionally made with dairy but can also be made with the fresh water of young thai coconuts.

Tempeh: is Indonesian in origin is a a cake or patty made from fermented soybeans.

Vinegars: be sure to buy unfiltered and raw (unpasteurized) its cloudy because of the healthy bacteria on the bottom. Braggs, Eden and Spectrum are great brands. Consider trying apple cider, red wine or ume (plum), or coconut vinegars

  There  are many more fermented foods but, this is just a few. You should try to incorporate a variety of these foods in your diet 5 or more times a week. These foods can be found in your local health food store in the refrigerated section. If you have an adventurous spirit, make your own as there are a variety of kits or books on the internet and in stores for purchase.

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